Wainwright Tree

I have no idea where the blue highlights on Anwar and Larissa came from.  Also, David’s red hair must have been carried over from Susan Wainwright, Blair’s mother.


5 Responses to Wainwright Tree

  1. jaec52609 says:

    blue highlights couldve came from blair’s father

    • skehrer says:

      I never thought of that. Thank you!

      • kaikomikkusu says:

        Yes, Blair’s father (Boyd Wainwright) has platinum blond roots\highlights\tips but the base color is some sorts of greenish-blue. Anwar and Larissa seem to have the same but with “Paint-Stroke” hair-textures, who would use the greenish-blue as a streak of hair, most other hair from diff. creators, usually either make it look greenish-blue, greenish-blue with platinum blond highlights, platinum blond with a lot of greenish-blue highlights, platinum blond with some greenish-blue dyed in there, or greenish-blue with some platinum blond dyed in there. Or they mix the color and sims have light green hair. And it’s been usually called white, light blond, blue, cyan, aqua, teal, etc. hair in each different legacy where the hair color came up. And the wiki page just say (well SAID. I just changed it.) he’s greying. I THINK he’s just suppose to have a really light platinum-blond color. A sim with greying hair would be like, Gobias Koffi, Nick Alto (and Vita too), and Thornton Wolff. There are some adults with fully greyed hair, like Gloria Goode in Lunar Lakes, or Vera Blackburn in Appaloosa Plains. (harsh demeanor to human strangers made her age badly. She has the Dog Lover trait and prefers hanging out with dogs than with humans. She’s said to have an older appearance but to me she just looks like a middle-aged lady that does not dye her hair. Gloria Goode looks closer to late 30’s-early 40’s than Vera who looks more around 50-55, but as she’s well, a Lunar Lakes sim, her hair could pass as a “mutation” than just greying hair.) but you can tell they have grey hair when playing as them, and their hair is actually monochrome when looked in CAS. K6ka keeps reverting my edits…

        “Platinum-blond with bluish-green highlights (NOT GREYING! Llamas grey, K6ka’s grey, Nikel57’s grey, Csyde’s grey, Bella clone’s number 423548593845839 grey, Freezer Bunnies grey, but Wainwrights DON’T GREY.)”

      • gaiancls says:

        I think of Boyd’s hair color more as minty white. And Susan as a chestnuthead.

  2. kaiko says:

    no kids from Susan?

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