Morris Tree

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I’m still disappointed that Wilde didn’t outlive Brittney’s usefulness.   I forgot Brittney isn’t a default townie so if anyone wants her pain in the ass just ask.  If you do, please make her life miserable.


One Response to Morris Tree

  1. kaikomikkusu says:

    I think Brittney might actually be Xander and Monika’s kid. (Jeanine even seems to have Buster\Bessie’s hair-color and Aubrey and Teresa might have Ransom’s?)

    But really, she was the only kid born in your game (outside from Yusun Ursine and Justine’s son) that was not an Oates in some way.

    And i could make use of her facial features which are very interesting. OFC i will not play her as a Morrivell kid. (dinasties usually make portmanteaus of the townie parent’s surnames) She will just be a foreign girl that moves in Sunset Valley to have some goal or something.

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