From Beyond the Grave

I finally finished aging all of Wilde’s children to Young Adult and finished the families trees which you can see in the Children page.  Again, if you want one up for download post a comment on that page and I will put the sim up as soon as I can.


I had to wait for one last pregnancy to end.  It took three tries because my game kept freezing, but it was so worth it.


After Shanda was born I received this pop up.  Looks like Wilde is still destroying relationships even from beyond the grave!



Shandra was a little glitched at first, but the doctors say she will be fine.

She does remind me of Sloth from The Goonies (best movie EVER).

So the final tally for Wilde’s children is 255!!!


About skehrer

I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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20 Responses to From Beyond the Grave

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  2. uggles says:

    Yay Sloth-Sandra! I love the family trees you took the time to make for everyone, that must have taken a lot of work!

  3. missmiserie says:

    The PERFECT way to end Wilde’s challenge! After a massive amount of gorgeous children, the last one is a little scary mutant. LOVE this forever.

  4. That picture of Sloth killed me.

    Congratulations on finishing the challenge! I really enjoyed reading it. 😀

  5. madlyeely says:

    Poor Dean. He got one of the few woman in town who wasn’t his sister, and she goes and has a baby with his father! Though he should probably have learned by now, I mean, Yusun never says no…

    What will become of Derrick? Will he finally get his Brittney now that Daddy’s not keeping her so busy?

  6. Bill Delgado says:

    A Sloth Halloween mask is acceptable. Just don’t make it a Burger King dude mask. That guy is CREEPY. Child molester permagrins are not cool.

    • skehrer says:

      My husband’s old boss (also a transplant to So Cal), received a bday gift one year from his friends back in his home state. When he opened the box the Burger King was staring back at him! He apparently flipped out because he thinks the Burger King is creepy too. It would be creepy to open that up though…I wish I had thought of it…

  7. Rad says:

    Hilarious! And 255. Wow. Just wow. Epic win.

  8. Tinger says:

    😆 at the mutant baby. What version of SP do you use that allows husbands to know when a kid’s not theirs?

  9. selahgio says:

    I hope you keep the challenge going with his son! ❤ And thanks to you I decided to try the Family Man Challenge I was wondering if you could put mine on your list too. Twinbrook girls are easy!

  10. How do you get from this to what you have? What should I do?

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