Week Ten

Before giving Wilde the new rewards I sent him back over to Sandi’s house (after his workout), I wanted to see if he could get back into her good graces all on his own.

Before he heads out the door Pauline Wan died.  So long Pauline, it was good while it lasted, but it was over long ago.


Upon arrival Wilde noticed his new son on the grass.

Nichol French: …and you can stay out here until you quiet down…brat.


Inside Sandi is sleeping on her couch.  It would have been more convenient had she been sleeping in the bed.  Wilde could have been in and out before she even woke up.  O.O


Before Wilde could moodlet manage Sandi awake this hideous thing (Audra French) walked by.  I have no words…only…she looks a lot like her mother.


Wilde tried to ask Sandi to pillow fight, but she disappeared!

Wilde: What the…


When she reappeared she was wearing…this?

Sandi: Peek-a-boo!


Then she whipped out a pillow and aggressively attacked Wilde.

Wilde: I fink I waffs a toof.


Wilde tried getting chummy with her.


But she wasn’t having it.

Sandi: You broke my heart.  I don’t know if I can trust you again.

Wilde: Sandi, baby!  I’m a Wilde Stallion… (Yadda, yadda, yadda, you get.)

At this point I would like to mention that I did try the Confess to Cheating interaction in another save file.  I do not think Wilde is a cheater, he and Sandi HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING!  Or so I thought…  I tried it anyway.  Do not *repeat* DO NOT try this option unless you are willing to give up on the relationship completely (as in she can’t give you no mo’ babies).  After he “confessed” their relationship took a DIVE.  


And that’s when I remembered that Sandi is a married woman!  What the hell, game!  Why are you buggin’ on Wilde?

And now back to your regularly(ish) scheduled…blog.

I decided to use the Share Secret interaction.  What kind of secrets could Wilde have anyway…


Wilde, you moron!  Don’t resort to lying!  Take her to the bar and get her drunk!  I didn’t even know that he even knew that word.  It probably stuck in his throat like dry toast.


Sandi tried to put her coat on and escape, but Wilde pulled out his last trick.

Sandi: FLOWERS!  Ah mah gahd, I think I hyperextended my fingers in my excitement.  Help!  (Her face is funny Smile)


Fingers shmingers.  They did it in the shower!  Hooray for pillow fights!  Disclaimer: Results may vary.

Elsa is mopping the floor, because she clogged the toilet.  And Rian wishes he had put Mother Nature on hold.

Rian: Oh no!  What I have seen!  My eyes, MY EYES!

Rian had nightmares foe several weeks afterward.


While Sandi and Wilde were busy in the shower I had a look around town.  There was a protest against crime at City Hall.


Qiana Wan was there.  She’s a teenager, but she looks like an old woman.  When she reaches adulthood she’s going to look like the crypt keeper. 


Darlene had a son!  Time for a visit from Wilde!  Hopefully things will be a bit smoother with her.  *crosses fingers*


Before I had him leave I noticed he had a Just be Friends interaction.  I did that and Sandi got all pissy on him.  She must be pregnant.  Whatever, go cry to your husband!  (It got rid of that blasted heart under their friendship bar!)

I sent Wilde home to invite Darlene over because I was having trouble finding her on the map.  While he did that I checked out the town.


Yusun was giving an impromptu concert in front of the market.  Rosie Kimura heckled her until she put the guitar away. 


Adria Morris was there.  She used the blender to do her hair, got her face caught in it.  She’s just happy she survived.


I went back to Wilde so he could invite Darlene over.  Wilde was pulling into his driveway when this taxi ran into him.  I hate to point out stereotypes, but notice the driver is Asian…


Luckily Wilde was okay and he was able to invite Darlene over.  Wilde also told Derrick he had to “get lost.”

Derrick: *cough* whore *cough*

Darlene: *ignores*

Good news is Darlene and Wilde’s relationship seems to be unaffected by his reputation.


I think we all know what happened next.  Wilde’s phone rang, an opportunity popped up and a baby was born all at the same time creating a crazy lullaby remix situation.  All the clubs are playing it; it’s hot.


Lag causing baby.  Darlene’s time was up, Wilde had somewhere to be.


As soon as I tell Wilde to go visit Kaylynn’s house she dashes off to whoknowswhere.  Screw you, Kaylynn (later)! 


Bella just had a baby too, Wilde will see her instead!


Wilde decides to run there…  I am not impressed.


Kaylynn, please don’t drown your baby!  I will Ctrl Shift C familyfund you money!!!

Kaylynn: *silently crying*

That PPD (Post Partum Depression) is a bitch!


Also not affected by his reputation is Bella.  Lesson: Just be Friends (friend with benefits) with all the women!  Don’t let them fall in love with you!  Even if they are married.

Only problem with this is…


This creepy kid was hanging out while Wilde was trying to get his freak on.  Move you little freak, you’re in the way!  Thank the Good Llama for shower woohoo!


Wilde stood there watching Bella for too long before finally climbing into the shower with her.  Careful Wilde, you’ll get a reputation for being a creeper.  After the lullaby (first try) I sent Wilde home to his cold hard treadmill.


He ran there…  Crying face


Looks like Wilde has one last chance to make up with Christopher.


Checking in on Kaylynn I see that she’s placed the baby on the bank of the lake.


I wonder if Wilde is still running home and yes, yes he is.


Rush back to Kaylynn and see that she is leaving.  Where’s the baby?



Disclaimer: No babies were actually harmed in the making of this post.


On the other side of town I decided to send Wilde to The Grind because the place was HAWT!  First thing I see is a newly pregnant Yusun dancing on a possibly wobbly table.


Wilde, being the man that he is decides to buy the pregnant woman a drink.  At least she’s off that table now.


On the other side of the room Aleksey decide more table dancing is in order.  That’s Brittney, she’s is still on my list.


As the night went on the garage door seemed to have a taste for Aleksey.


Yusun suddenly remembers she’s pregnant and shouldn’t be drinking.

Yusun: OH WHOA!  Wait a minute…


She decides to leave.

Wilde: But I just ordered drinks.


Wilde: That’s what I ordered!


Aleksey’s head slowly goes deeper into the garage.

Garage: Just a little further…


Then the bar shut down and everyone had to leave.

Garage: Ahh dang!


I expected Wilde to rush out the door with the rest of the patrons.  Instead he chug his drink and table danced like a much younger man.

They’ve all gone home, Wilde.  No one is there to see your shame.


When Wilde got home he started behaving like he had the Insane trait.


Then he calmed down and did his time on the treadmill.

Monday morning I let Wilde have his first nap since getting the Moodlet Manager.  Might as well, all the women that can get pregnant are pregnant and The Baby Killer Kaylynn is two days from her elder birthday and can’t get pregnant anyway.  After his nap I sent him off to do his Record a Commercial opportunity.  Then it was time to hit the town and see what was up!


Sammie Ansari kills time by trying to look at his glass eye.


This town has a whole lotta ugly and it’s named Arlo Bunch!  It’s brought Cortney Ansari to tears! 


But really Cortney could be crying because his mother just died…


Noticing that Christopher  was at Waylon’s Haunt I sent Wilde over.


What better way to waste some time than to point out Christopher’s flaws? 

Christopher: What?  I just came here to get some dinner.  Why are you picking on me?

Wilde: Because today is your lucky day.  You should thank me.


And then Christopher got all excited about how he and Wilde are both great kissers.

Wilde: Hey, hey HEY…  Don’t look there when you talk about kissing! 

Interesting fact: Christopher Wan-Steel is now Wilde’s son in-law.  He married Wilde’s daughter Griselda.  Imagine those holiday dinners…


Widle was busy putting Christopher down when Kaylynn tried to get his attention.

Kaylynn: Hey, Wilde!  Hi…  Wilde, hi!

Too bad Wilde has a medical disorder; he can’t hear women he can’t get pregnant.


Satisfied, Wilde decided to buy a round of drinks.


Suddenly Christopher started to sparkle!

Christopher: I feel kina funny.  What was in those onion rings?

Venus Landgraab: OH EM GEE!  My dad totally humiliated this guy to death!


Venus: BWAHAHAHAHAH!  This is better than getting married. 

Not that she knows; all the men in town are her brothers.


Death showed up and gave Wilde a stare-down.

Wilde: Is he still looking over here?


Then Chris pulled out a Death Flower and handed it to Death!!!!  I was so surprised at this I hooted with laughter!  It was so loud my husband jumped Devil.


Wilde: You have GOT to be kidding me.


Death: Do you have a flower, Wilde?

Wilde: *involuntary urination*  I think my water just broke.


Nope, that would be Lisa’s water that broke.


The near death encounter had Christopher running through a gauntlet of emotions.

Christopher: That was exhausting, I need to go to bed.

Wilde: Sleep like the dead…

Susanne Landgraab: YES!!!  Yes, please let’s go to bed.  I want a baby.  PLEASE give me a baby!


Christopher: I’m starving!

Audra French: Maybe you should have the hot wings instead of onion rings.

Wilde: And choke on them…


Christopher: But first I need to take a massive dump.


And after that TMI Wilde ran to Lisa (Bunch) McGraw’s house.  Wilde is obviously planning to have a good time.

Morgana Wolff died, she stopped giving Wilde triplets a long time ago so she will not be missed.


Lisa (thinking): Do I have to pay him for this?  Should I have him pay me?


Then she nearly killed the moment by peeing the floor.


Lisa: Sweet nibblets (Hannah Montana anyone?), Is that a deal breaker?

Wilde: Nah, it takes more than a soggy sock to get to turn me off.



Lisa: I really need to go to bed.  *painful flirty smile*

Wilde: *does his best French Elvis impression…and fails*

(French Elvis?  I dunno, just go with it.)

Kristoffer McGraw: He’s going to get her pregnant again.

Christal Bunch: Plumbob sparkles in my eye, Mother!  No.More.Babies!


Then when they got upstairs to seal the deal Wilde starts to complain about how Lisa stinks.  Like I give a llama’s butt; do it in the shower!

Lisa: Oh, it’s going to take more than a soggy sock…MY ASS!

Wilde: I can handle a soggy sock, but when you start expelling noxious pit gasses into the air that’s another story all together!

And that was it.  Lisa told Wilde it was late and time for him to go home.  Way to blow it, Wilde!

So Wilde went home and spend the rest of the night running on his machine.


The next morning (Tuesday) Lisa greeted Wilde at the door in her underwear.


Lisa obnoxiously laughed at Wilde’s French Elvis impression.  (He just won’t let it go.)

Savannah McGraw: *shudders* Gross.


On a side note: The family could be under surveillance.  This truck has been outside the (Bunch) McGraw House for a few sim days now and I have no idea how to get rid of it.  Anyone know what I can do to get rid of it?


Finally Wilde and Lisa get it on in the shower.  The shower was a great choice; Wilde ran all night with that pee soaked sock on…


Oops!  They broke the shower.  Looks like it’s time for Wilde to go!  Unfortunately I didn’t hear a lullaby.


Look, another empty uterus!  Wilde will be busy!


I sent Wilde home and invited Lisa over for some afternoon scrumpin’.


They broke the Love Tub and I still didn’t hear a lullaby!  Eye rolling smile  So I had Wilde tell her to leave.  Maybe her ute is drying up, or maybe the problem lies with Wilde…  Naaaahhhh.

Lisa: When is the last time you cleaned this thing!

Wilde: I know.  You should get pregnant just by getting in.


And Yusun kindly evicted her uterus’ inhabitant.


I ran Wilde over the Morris house for a quickie.  He ended up waiting at the door for…a while…  Can you see her in there just chatting away!  She is purposely thumbing her nose at me and I don’t like it! 


Wilde’s daughter Vera even came to the window and peeked out.  @#$%!!!!

Here’s a tip: If you’re going to pretend not to be home, buy some freaking curtains!


Wilde left Brittney’s without scoring a homerun.  He went to the theater and called Yusun.  She met him there.  Yusun never says no.

Wilde’s son I forgot the name of: I know what you two are doing in there.


They did it in a dirty janitor’s closet.  When they were finished (I heard a lullaby), Wilde left Yusun at the theater and drove home.

Yusun: That was fun, Wilde.  Wilde?

The things that poor baby must have seen…  Embarrassed smile


Wednesday morning as Wilde had his after-workout-shower I noticed Brittney was at the grocery store.  Needless to day I ripped Wilde out of that shower so fast his children got whiplash – all of them.  Once he go to the store Brittney acted as though they were long lost friends.  I’m starting to think she may have split personalities.  Wilde took the opportunity to ask her back to his place.


She wasted no time getting into the shower.  She didn’t even take time to remove her clothing! 

Wilde: Uhhh, that’s going to make things a little difficult.


Outside the bathroom door:

Derrick: What is going on in there!  Let me in or your going to have a yellow pond in the living room!


Derrick: Who’s the hooker?


Wilde’s Childbirth ESP tingled and he told Brittney to go.  It was time to give Sandi another visit.  He crossed his fingers that this one would be drama free!


As Wilde waits to be let in I check out the new baby.  What is with that skin tone?


I go back to the door to check on Wilde and…  That looks really suspicious.


!!!  Crying face 


Elsa: I wish I had a boyfriend.  Maybe Sofia has the right idea…

NOOOO!!!  It’s a Family Man Challenge NOT an anything goes challenge!


Things with Sandi went off without a hitch.  Until Jeff French walked into the bathroom…

Jeff: Uhhhhh…  I mean, uhhhhh…  Uhhhhh…


Jeff wasn’t expecting to get up close and personal with Mr. Bojangles.

Jeff: Can’t you put that thing away?

Wilde: I prefer to air-dry. 


Wilde left Sandi’s house and headed to a party at Brittney Morris’ house that Karissa Morris was throwing.  Upon entering the residence Wilde spotted a platter of spoiled food.  Being the gentleman that he is he disposed of it.

Karissa: *death stare*


Suddenly it was time for Wilde to leave!  With a name like Spring, she had better be cute.


That Karissa is a lovely girl.  Just lovely…

I had not seen a pop up like that before and giggled like mad when it came up.


I forgot to get pictures of Wilde and Darlene.  I found her in the cemetery with her husband.  Must have been date night.  Wilde swooped in and asked Darlene to come home with him.  As you can see in the picture above she dropped him like a bad habit.


Bella had her baby so it was time to rush through this visit with Darlene.


While they were doing naughty things I noticed Wilde’s tub disappeared!  I’ve had this problem since I patched my game.  Even in the build contest I did for The Byrd Legacy, I had random things end up missing.  I don’t get it.


As soon as Wilde and Darlene were finished he went straight to Bella’s house and wasted no time at all.

Wilde: Who’s hungry for some man-meat!?


I heard a lullaby and sent Wilde home for the night.

Thursday nothing important happened.  Wilde exercised and went to the bar then came home and exercised more.


Friday after Wilde finished his workout I let him nap on the couch.


I checked out the town during Wilde’s nap and found Brittney Morris at the Grocery Store.  She looks concerned, I wonder if she’s finally realized that she’s on my list.  Tock tock, Brittney.  But really she’s probably here begging for money to buy food because she can’t afford to feed her family.  She’s been knocked up since she turned Young Adult which means she hasn’t been too work since she graduated. 


Now that all five available females (Bella, Brittney, Darlene, Sandi and Yusun) are pregnant I have time to stalk the neighbor, Christopher Wan-Steel. 


Here is a look at the town at 1:13pm on Friday.  It’s obvious where the school is, but can you find Waldo?  Kidding he’s not in town.


After Wilde’s nap her worked out and then went to bed – this guy has an exciting life.  While he was sleeping Derrick decided to turn on the stereo.

Derrick: *laughs*  Try sleeping through that.


Wilde was not amused.  I sent Derrick out to the club so he would leave his father/roommate/enemy alone.


A short time later Yusun expelled her spawn.


I sent Wilde over to Yusun’s house.  She wasn’t home at first, but Wilde is a patient man; he waited at her place.  When she finally go home it was 2:45 am.  I quickly had him ask her if he could stay the night.  She agreed, but with my lag issues one of her children had already asked him to leave. Sad smile  So he went home to his treadmill. 

Game: *llllllllaaaaaaagggggg*


It took him TWO HOURS to walk home. 


Saturday morning I have Wilde call and invite Yusun over when I notice this.  That’s a heart.  Why is that heart there, under the married Bella’s picture?  You now what this means.  Wilde is going to have another confrontation.  *goes to get popcorn*


Wilde: Hey Yusun, hoa about you come over and we ruin your reputation?

She ran right over.  Yusun never says no.


She obediently followed Wilde into the bedroom.

Derrick:  The hooker in this town dress really nice.

Derrick was told to get lost, then Wilde and Yusun had fun on their “date.”


They had so much fun that they forgot Yusun brought one of her children with her.  Time for her to go!


After his date I scanned the town trying to decide what to do next.  When I saw this.  Too funny.  Of course I had to have a look.


I peeked in all the windows wanting to see what should not be seen.  It was like the family had been abducted by aliens!


Desperate, I sent Wilde to the lot.  When she got there I see this.  Brittney is in labor.  How’s that for Childbirth ESP!  Wilde patiently waited outside.




As soon as the baby was born Wilde rang the doorbell.

Wilde: Brittney!  I know you’re in there!  And I smell placenta!



Wilde stood at the door for three hours before someone let him in.  And I again had to reintroduce Wild and Brittney.  She must have terrible memory loss issues or amnesia.  I hope she remembers all of her children.


After their quick re-introduction Wilde asked her to come home with him.  She agreed and promptly forgot who he was again.

Brittney: Who are you and where are we going again?

To the grave, Brittney, to the grave…


Derrick was leaving for work when Wilde showed up with Brittney.

Derrick: Are you kidding me?  This guy has every chick in town and I’m stuck her playing the skin flute.

Poor Derrick.


Brittney may not know who Wilde is, but she’s easier than Pauline Wan so it’s okay.


Silly me, I must have forgotten that Brittney and Derrick hooked up.  Devil  Oops!  I don’t know why he changed into his athletic to slap her though…


Brittney: Are you sure this will help restore my memory?

Dr. Love Wilde: Absolutely.

Tried a couple times and heard no lullaby…


Hopefully Sandi’s uterus is still working.


This isn’t what it seems.  Sandi is holding the new baby, Lara.  The baby on the cold ground is Staci she is due to age any day.


Brennon French-Alvi has decided to fix the TV which has been broken since before he was born (probably).


This is Bob French-Alvi, he, like some of his siblings has nose fangs. 


Sandi: Rian, be a dear and go tend to your sister.  Mommy needs the bathroom.

Rian: Not funny, Mother.



I sent Wilde off to a party he was invited to, but more on that next week!

And that was it for Week 10!  At the end of this week Wilde was 99. He had a total of 248 children 12 of which were born this week.  I finally put all the names into Excel and discovered a few mistakes with my numbering.  I’ll make changes to the Children page when I can.




The following teens became young adults this week (alphabetical order).  Leave a comment if you want one:

Abdul Wolff


Antony Donner-Sw0rd


Audra French (sometimes her teeth go through her face)


Bill Bunch-Hart (the Bunch is strong with this one)


Carlo Bachelor


Collin Hatch


Dominic Monaghan Courtney French


Damaris Bunch-Hart (all I see are lips)


Donavan Goth (looks like he could have an extra chromosome)


Dustin Donner-Sw0rd (he’s got his mother’s nose)


Edguardo Wan


Ernesto Keaton


Erwin Sekemoto


Joe Landgraab


Kristoffer McGraw (dude looks like a lady disguised as a dude)


Larissa Morris


Lydell Wainwright-Sekemoto (looks like his mother)


Lyndsay Keaton


Megan Landgraab


Mitchell Ursine-Wolff


Savannah McGraw


Shante Bachelor


Sophia French-Alvi


Staci Bunch-Hart


Tanya Frio-Hart


Tiffanie Hatch


Trinity Ursine


Vernon McGraw



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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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44 Responses to Week Ten

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  2. missmiserie says:

    Ah, where do I start?! I love Wilde and his adventures! Everything from Steel not dying to Wilde’s incestuous attraction to his own daughter was hilarious! I must have Derrick in my game now, why have I put it off this long?!

  3. Tree says:

    Wow, almost all of Wilde’s kids that aged into YA are oooooooogly! Hahaha, hilarious. Audra French probably scares me the most.

  4. uggles says:

    Oh my god. Wilde is SO GROSS. Haha 😀

  5. Senny Paine says:

    I’ve been dying to read one of your blogs lately, thank goodness you updated!! I loved this post, but Wilde needs to step back from his own crotch fruit, that’s diiirty.

    • skehrer says:

      Thanks! Sorry it took me so long to update. I was just so focused on that contest!
      Definitely, Wilde will need to be supervised every time he leaves the house now.

  6. madlyeely says:

    Great update. 😀
    Where did you get Yusun’s preggy top? It’s really nice.

    Damn, I’ve had kids with chin pox but never nose fangs. It made me LOL.

    Wilde acts rather OOC in my game. He’s moved in with Clark and Penny Peddler-Pincher, and appears to be taking care of their two children O_O. Your Simself has taken to fighting over the Casanova with Dina Caliente.

  7. Heroed says:

    Loving this challenge! It convinced me to do one of my own. I gave my guy green skin. I like to picture conversations in some of the married households. “Honey, why is our baby green?” “… Skin condition?” That, and I’m new to Sims 3. I’m still pleased I don’t need to download skintones!

    Could you go back to put some of Wilde’s children on the downloads page? I love Faye Wolff, but she’s in Week Eight. Thanks for the awesome blog!

  8. Connor says:

    I’ve recently started reading this, and it’s really funny, your commentary is great!
    Random question: does Wilde have any grandchildren?
    Also, could you maybe upload your version of Bella? She’s 100% prettier after your makeover.
    Oh, and that weird skintone of Lara (I think?) is because of Late Night I think. LN made the babies have weird skintones sometimes.

    • skehrer says:

      Sadly Wilde has no grandchildren. I don’t think the game is having other sims reproduce because it is so full.

      Thanks for the tip on the skin-thing. I wonder if it will correct itself when she transitions.

      I will put Bella up for you as soon as I can get my computer.

    • skehrer says:

      FYI: Bella is now up for download on the downloads page.

  9. Loren says:

    Hey, I just started reading this, and I think it’s really funny!
    Where’d you get Damaris Bunch-Hart’s hair?
    And I kinda want to download Savannah McGraw

    • skehrer says:

      You can download Damaris’ hair here.
      I just put Savannah up for you. Right now the only thing on her CC List is her hair, hopefully I can get more done while my children nap today.

  10. Bill Delgado says:

    Hello Sarah.

    Reading this story and others finally convinced me to shell out $150 or so bucks to get Sims 3 and all the expansions. You should ask EA for a cut of that.

    I downloaded your Yusun Ursine and Bella Bachelor (the two hottest Sims women) and put my Sim self in a house with both of them. Think cheese sitcom with the dorky guy living with two smoking hot girls. Sim me actually managed to have a kid with both of them to my surprise.

    My computer sucks so I have to run everything in low detail or the game lags really bad. Even then, Yusun and Bella are still hot.

    • skehrer says:

      I’m sorry/congratulations on buying the entire Sims 3 series! I wish EA would share some of that cash with me (I’m sure other bloggers do too).

      Glad to hear you are enjoying Yusun and Bella Threes Company-style!!!

      Thank you for the lovely comment and I now have that theme song stuck in my head. 😀

      • Bill Delgado says:

        Well now I am playing a legacy style game after discovering that challenge. I only started it yesterday, so I am still on Generation 1. My sim founder married Bebe Hart and they have 2 kids, but he is also having a thing with Bella on the side.

        It’s totally the opposite of my real life (I’m single and live alone) which I guess is why all of my sim dudes end up being womanizers.

  11. OMGosh! This is too hilarious! I can’t stop laughing, while reading. Another random fact: I also have a sis named Spring. My 13 younger siblings and I, all have “different” names, and it’s so funny, how I’ve seen a few of them in my sims games and others’ sims games, especially since the game makes most of them up 🙂

    • skehrer says:

      You have 13 siblings!!!! I have one sister. I can not fathom 13 siblings, but I’m sure you can’t fathom one sibling either. Family reunions must be huge for you!
      So glad Wilde keeps cracking you up! This was one of my favorite chapters. I love the whole Christopher Steel had a Death Flower thing.

  12. Oh yes, I definitely wouldn’t know what to do without my siblings 🙂 Family reunions, if we can all make it, brings around 35-40 family members 🙂

  13. BTW…you have inspired me to do a Family Man Challenge, although I won’t be blogging about it, because I have an ISBI Legacy that I just started 🙂

    • skehrer says:

      Oh great! Have fun!
      I have two (ok three) blogs going right now. I had to put one on pause so I could focus on my Legacy and Family Man Challenge. Once Wilde dies (if he ever does) I have to start playing my Diet Plan Challenge again.

  14. Wow, I’ve tried two blogs at a time, always fail at it, cuz I’m so busy with my kiddos. With that said, I vowed to only do one blog at a time, but I think I might put my pics of my Family Man Challenge on my sim facebook account, haven’t decided yet 🙂

  15. Do you use any cheats? I’m not using mood or money cheats, but I am using the cheat where you pull the relationship bar up, but only when my “father” first meets the women. I only have the base game, and it just takes to gosh darn long for their relationship high enough to try for baby. So far my sim, Macon Hismoov, has two women carrying his child(ren), and is currently working on #3.

    • skehrer says:

      The only cheat I used was to give Wilde a ton of money. I do have a modded game; I have Master Controller, Story Progression, Overwatch and The Woohooer installed. i do have a page of tips here if you’re interested.

  16. Thank you….I had mods in my game, but since my computer won’t handle any updates, without my game constantly crashing, I refuse to update, after reinstalling this last time, and therefore I can’t get the mods to work in my game.

  17. Yeah, I know. I decided to post a little about Macon. Nothing major, just his weekly (sim week, that is) baby spawning, so everyone can see how many children he has, and what they eventually look like 🙂

    This is the very first post: http://jebzprincess.livejournal.com/887.html

  18. zksbaa says:

    Thank you! I actually do use the add to active family cheat (forgot about that) and then move them out and call them, and invite them over 🙂

    P.S. I just changed my username, so it’s now zksbaa 🙂

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