Week Six

Before I dive into this post let me just say that I am glad I am trying this out before Generations is released.  Once those Romance Reputation Points (or whatever) are in effect this challenge will become a whole lot harder.  I will probably have to try it again.  Next time I’ll be sure to plop my Simself in town.  >:)

I started playing a bit but when I clicked into town view my game crashed!  Uh-oh, could this mean Wilde has too many children? Nahhh…

Right away Sunday morning at 3:45 am Wilde became the father of another set of twins.  This time by Yusun.  I really can’t wait to see how her children come out.

Then I get this popup.  Bella and Sam Sekemoto tied the knot.  Looks like all she needed was an awesome make over.  Bella, you are welcome.

Around this time Wilde also finished the Marathon Runner Challenge so lets hope he lives a longer, healthier life like it says.

I sent Wilde over to the Ursine house to have a quickie with Yusun and this is what I found.

Mitchell: WAA!!!  The floor is cold and dirty!!!  It smells like feet!!!  WAAA!!!

His twin sister was downstairs on the living room floor.  Oh, by the way, i gave Yusun freckles.  I like her even more now.  She may show up in another game of mine…

Wilde: Wanna take a ride on my disco stick?

Once lullaby and impregnation were achieved Wilde was on his way to to Monika Morris.

About this time I noticed Wilde had enough relationship points to name his car.  He named it Jamie, after the woman that gave him is first child.  Jamie is now and elder and useless.

Before Wilde could even get to the door I could hear the children inside crying.

Wilde: I really need to invite more women to my house.

The problem with that is most of them stand him up for some reason.  It couldn’t be his treatment of them could it.  Anyway, making house calls like an Avon lady guarantees that there will continue to be more and more pregnant women in town.  Now if we can keep them from aging so soon…

Britney and Wilde were getting it on while Tamara Donnor-Sw0rd had another baby.

Monika has apparently been pregnant most of her adult life and can not remember how to walk normal.  That or Wilde broke her.  O.o

Monika: Even when I’m not pregnant I still feel pregnant.

Wilde: That’s probably due to your stretched out ute.  The only cure I know of is to have another baby.  Good thing I’m here.

What a nice guy!

Monika and Wilde also left poor Brittney in charge of the children.

Brittney: Oh, I wish someone would just shoot me.

So sorry, Britt, but I think your life of torture is just beginning.

After Wilde was finished with Monika he headed over to Tamara Donnor-Sw0rd’s house.  He was stalling because walked the entire way there.  Not walked, strutted, that stupid I-take-forever-to-go-anywhere-strut!!!  I like the strut, I just wish it only lasted 15-30 sim minutes.

Wilde: *sings* She’s gonna have my baby.  She’s gonna have my baby…

Tom: *deep breathy whisper* Wilde, I knew you’d come for me.

Wilde: Whoa, hey.  Ever heard of personal space, Tamara?  A man need room to, you know, escape your breath function.

Some finished the salad Tamara had started and it was like the farmer poured the slop for the pigs because they all came running.

Glen Hatch: Meghan get away from the plate!  You ate yesterday, it’s my turn to eat!

Meghan Donnor-Sw0rd: Come between me and this plate and I will eat your ear like a circus peanut!

Emma Hatch interrupted Tamara and Wilde’s romp in the sack.

Emma: Oh no!  I can’t believe this!  I’m going to impale myself with my arm!

Emma: (addressing Tamara) Look, when you’re done in here you need to deal with your kid. (addressing Wilde) You and I are over.

Bella (Bachelor) Sekemoto gave birth to a son at 7:40 pm:

Bella’s turn was next.

Wilde: It’s a good thing your husband doesn’t live with you yet.  If you want to stay married, that is.

Bella: My husband has nothing to do with what happens in the bedroom.

And off to Morgana Wolff’s house where Gus Hart was blocking the way in.

Gus Hart: Sorry, Mr. Wilde, sir.  The Boss says I ain’t s’pose’ta let you in.

Never one to be told no, Wilde found another way in.

Wilde: Oh, Morgana, I came in through the back door.

Morgana: Oh, Wilde!  My husband has gone crazy.  He doesn’t trust me and posts a guard outside while he’s gone.

Morgana: Wilde, take me to the bedroom.

Wilde: Wait…  …  … okay let’s go.

Once Wilde finished with Morgana he went to River (McIrish) Landgraab’s house.

Wilde: Uh jeez.  What smells like piss?

JC: That’s probably me.  I dribbled in my pants a little bit.  There kinda damp.

Wilde: TMI, son.  I would have blamed it on the old guy if I were you.

River: OMG, JC!  Get to the bathroom now before Uncle Wilde leaves!  Get to the bathroom now!  Right now!

JC: I’m going, I’m going.

While JC rushed off to the bathroom River and Wilde rushed to the bedroom and left her husband and son in-law with the criers.

Malcolm: Where did your wife go?  Shouldn’t she be taken care of these brats?  I come over here so I don’t have to deal with my own, why would I help with yours?

Malcolm is married to Kaylynn (Langerak) Landgraab who has four of Wilde’s children with another on the way.

Geoffrey: Dammit, you’re right.  Where did that woman go?

Geoffrey was forced into the kitchen to make the crybabies something to eat. When he started to hear odd sounds coming from the room above.

Geoffrey: I sense betrayal!

About this time Madison gave birth to another child:

Geoffrey and Malcolm went upstairs to see what all the ruckus was.

Geoffrey: Well lookie here.  Looks like we got a fight on our hands.

Malcolm: I’m gonna break me some bones. *cracks knuckles*

Geoffrey: Son, go get my icepick.

Goeffrey rounded the end of the bed and that is when Wilde lost it.  And by it, I mean his bladder.  Wilde wet his pants out of sheer terror.

Wilde: Hey, I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Wilde quickly recovered himself and decided to taunt Geoffrey as he left.

Geoffrey: You’re going to sleep with the fishes.

Wilde: *sings* Oops I did it again.  I slept with your wife.  She’ll be pregnant for life.  Gimme some babies, babies…

Then Wilde ran off to meet Holly Alto at the theater.  Left her pregnant and Madison (VanWatson) Bachelor was there, so he banged her too.  Then he ran to console Darlene about her father’s death.  He knocked her up.

Then before he left he convinced her to breakup with his son Derrick and date him instead.  Of course Darlene jumped at the chance.  And with hat Wilde completed his Lifetime Wish.  Thank you Darlene!

Hmmm…  I wonder what he will do next.  Probably BANG SOME CHICKS!

Early Tuesday morning Pauline Wan gave Wilde another daughter.

So it was only natural that Wilde pay her a visit.  When he arrived this is the sight that greeted him.  Notice Janny Wan is compulsively counting her fingers and Brendon Wan is creepily staring out the window at his new baby sister, Leticia, who is ON THE GROUND!  Really, Pauline, did you just give up trying?  And the other little one to the left is Qiana Wan; I think she may be trying to escape her family.

Janny: One, two, thr..wait.  One, two, three, f…wait…

As soon as Wilde entered the door her walked straight for the bedroom.  Pauline was overcome with excitement and gave a loud cheer.

Pauline: ALRIGHT!  YESSS!!!  HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!one!!!

As Wilde and Pauline were getting jiggy with it (nah nah nanannananah) Eguardo entered the room making him the 10th child scarred for life.  Janny also entered the room looking from Qiana.  If you’ll remember from Janny’s toddler years she has already been scarred by Wilde and Pauline’s antics.  Perhaps this is why she compulsively counts her fingers.

Eguardo: Mommy, what’s happening!

Janny: Have you seen Qiana?  Anyone…two, three…

Knocking Pauline up made every fertile woman in town pregnant at the same time!  That was the case for about two house until Ayesha Ansari gave birth to another boy.

Then as Wilde was driving to the Ansari home two more children were born.

And before Wilde could begin to seduce Ayesha, another child was born.

And another.

And another…

Seriously, this is ridiculous!  Finally, there was another set of twins.

If you remember, Zelda is now an elder:

Come on you little cock-blockers!  Wilde is trying to get some action and you’re lagging up the game!!!  Uhhhhh, my game is sooooo s-l-o-w now.  I think some old people need to start dying, maybe the old women…

Finally the birthing stopped and I tried to get Wilde and Ayesha to spawn.  Only, Ayesha’s children were blocking the way to the FREAKING DOOR!!!  MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!!!!  Notice there is a baby inside on the floor as well.

After Wilde finally got Ayesha into bed I forgot to take a picture.  -_-

Anyway, he left her impregnated and drove over to the McGraw House where he ruined yet another marriage.

First, when Wilde walked through the door Lisa’s children were screaming for various reasons.  This made everyone in the house angry or sad.

Wilde: This place smells like baby puke and poop.

Lisa: Oh, I hate my life.

Shasta: More babies!  More babies!!!  I HATE BABIES!!!

Lisa and Wilde started making out in front of her husband Stiles.  After all the person person minuses he came over to have a closer look.  I love his expression.

Stiles: Lisa?  Darling?

Lisa and Wilde made their way upstairs where Wilde made her feel better for a little while (until the morning sickness kick in).

Lisa: I’m so sad.  My dad died and I have a house full of crying babies.

Wilde: It’s getting old.  Just get on the bed and I can get the Hell out of here.

Three more children were born while Lisa and Wilde were bumping uglies.  Wilde’s Childbirth ESP was going crazy.

I also received a notice that Wilde’s daughters Griselda and Lindy Wan became young adults.  Here are their pictures after the makeovers.  Griselda (first pic) looks a lot like her mother.

I’ll try to get them in on the downloads page if there is any interest.

At this point I placed a few starter homes around town, hoping people would spread out and or maybe some new females would move in (which I doubt).  Wilde is four days from being an elder, I am hoping for the best.

Now early Wednesday morning and I sent Wilde over to Sandi French’s house.

Wilde: I’m here Sandi.

Sandi: To the bedroom then?

But when they entered the bedroom Nichol (dress) and Elsa were already in there.

Nichol: Don’t do it.  Don’t have another baby, Mother. I…will…choke…myself…  aack…aack!

Sandi: Girls, Mommy needs the bedroom for a while.  Go watch TV.

Luckily the girls did leave the room and their sanity was saved.  Well, Elsa’s sanity…

Just between you and me, I think Molly was a little jealous.

After hearing the lullaby I sent Wilde home to the treadmill.  As soon as it was socially acceptable Wilde made his rounds.

First he called Emma Hatch and invited him over.  When she refused he then invited her out to the theater.  When she refused again Wilde paid her a visit at her home; because no one tell’s Wilde no.

Wilde: Whoa!  Tamara is OLD!  Thank you sweet, merciful Simgod!

As Wilde waited forever for the door to be answered.  Hello! You have windows, he can SEE you!  Ayesha Ansari married Connor Frio, the town ape.

Geoffrey and River have made up.  But really, who is he kidding, River is his last chance.  Wilde has tapped all the ladies this town has to offer.

And Yusun gave birth to a son.

I guess Emma was still a little peeved over the whole finding Wilde in bed with Tamara thing.

They still had the make up woohoo anyway.

Emma’s neighbor Monika Morris gave birth.

So that is where Wilde went after he was finished with Emma.

Cyclone: Are you here for Tamara?

Wilde: Nah, that dude’s all yours.

Cyclone: But you’ve soiled my bed!!!!

Notice the baby in the background has passed out from exhaustion.

Again Wilde insisted on anoying my with his Strut of Pride.  He strutted the whole freaking way to Monika’s house, that brown one there.

Did he stop strutting when the bufff wore off?  NO!!!  It took him a whole 3.5 hours to strut his ass over to Monika’s house.  This better be worth it.  Bastard.

I was checking out the surrounding as Wilde was CRAWLING to Monika’s house.  I am looking for a mod to take that strut out!  Anyway, I decided to look up in the sky and lookie what I found.  An airplane!

I thought it was pretty cool.

Wilde finally made it to Monika’s house which was full of crying babies.  It was like being at the pediatrician.  Wilde started to make his move and I noticed this little demon sweetie.  I’m sure she’s a lovely child…

Sommer: *stink eye*

Monika is still broken.  She walks with the pregnancy waddle even when she isn’t.  I think she many need to have her spine adjusted

Monika: Llama balls, my back hurts.

Children: I’m tired!  I’m Sleepy!

Brittney: *gritting teeth* Shut up before I give you something to cry about.

Wilde met Blair Wainwright-Sekemoto at the theater and he plowed her fields.

Then Wilde invited Yusun over to his house, she ended up staying the night.  She had to have another makeover.  I took the CC out of the laptop to try and improve my game (I kept the freckles skin), but it didn’t help.  It’s all those kids!

Wilde: Ready for Patty Cake?

Yusun: I’m always ready for Patty Cake.

Thursday morning Wilde decided to throw a twins party at his place.  He invited all the pregnant women he knew.  Before the party got underway he invited Bebe Hart over for a quick game of hide the sausage.  And before the party could even start two women gave birth.  Way to spoil the fun!

And one got married and left her new husband at home while she went to Wilde’s party.

The first person to show was Madison (VanWatson) Bachelor.  She made a bee line for the hot tube.  Maybe she wants a poached baby.

Madison: Ahhhhhhhh…

She did eventually come into the house and promptly went into labor!

After she had everyone screaming and freaking out she very calmly took herself to the hospital.

Just after Madison had her baby Fiona McIrish died.

Wilde and Morgana tried to sneak away as people started to filter out.

While Wilde was trying to get his laggy butt into the bed Bebe had some enjoyment of her own.

Beb: YES!  I took a massive dump in Wilde’s toilet.  This was AWESOME!!!  Best party ever!

Wilde is not going to be happy about that.

Just as Wilde started to settle onto the bed Morgana jumped out with a flash and ran out the door.

Morgana: I’ve got to go.  Thorton is going to be home soon.

Wilde (from the bedroom): But we didn’t woohoo yet!

So instead Wilde decided to burn off some frustration on the treadmill.   While he was running Ayesha (Ansari) Frio was partying all by herself in the bedroom.

Ayesha: *waiting for Wilde*

Sorry, Ayesha, you’re knocked up.  You’re not getting lucky tonight.

After this I went into town view to see who needed some attention from the Wilde Stallion.  When I tried to click on Darlene Bunch’s icon nothing would happen.  So I went in for a closer view and what do you know!  Darlene was in labor!!!!

I sent Wilde to Kaylynn (Langerak) Landgraab’s instead.   On the way there Darlene gave birth.

Wilde’s son Tyler Langerak is his TWIN *sings*.

Too bad he is forever emotionally scarred from witnessing what no child should ever have to witness.  He was actually scarred earlier, maybe he likes it?  Yuck!  Venus brings the total to 11.

Venus: Tyler, what’s happening on the bed?

Tyler: Don’t look, Venus.  Just don’t look.

Bed: *harp music*

What a great way to start a Friday!  And on this day Wilde is two days from elderhood.

Wilde’s daughter Tamara French became a young adult.  Her she is after he makeover.

I sent Wilde home to waste a couple hours and across the street I see Griselda Wan and Christopher Crumplebottom-Steel.  Looks like they were having and eyebrow lifting contest.  I wonder who won…

Wilde got out of his car and took a look in the side view mirror.

Wilde: So hot.  *touches rear* ptssss…

As soon as I could I sent Wilde over to Darlene’s place so he could have his way with her.  She nearly wet herself when she saw Wilde.  Jeez, she’s hideous.

Darlene: Must rush to the bathroom.  Having trouble.with.bladder.since.baby…

Maybe she should start investing in adult diapers, it’s not like that is going to be her last baby or anything.

Another baby was born, another Chauncey.

Once Wilde was finished with Darlene he turned her TV on to the KidsZone Channel and ran out the door to the theater.  He had a double date with Morgana and River.

Once there Wilde lagged his way through the date.  River, who just lost her husband, ended up leaving pissed off.  Morgana turned into an elder.  This date was a bust!

While the date was lagging.  I scoped out the school again.  Oh my, who’s children are those!!!

And they aren’t all fully loaded yet.  After I took the picture more of them were appearing like magic.

Wilde did finally get into Madison (VanWaton) Bachelor’s pants.  She then gave him the fright of his life.


Wilde: *panics*  I didn’t sleep with her!

Great!  Now what am I going to do she’s scared the fertility out of him.  Madison dies if she’s made him sterile.

Bella rode by the theater on her bike in her bikini.  Personally, I think she was looking for Wilde.  She probably rode by his house three times before coming to the theater.

Bike: *ring, ring*

No problem, Wilde followed her home.

Bella: Is that a banana in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

Wilde: Come closer and find out.

Sandi French-Alvi gave birth.

And Griselda Wan married Christopher Steel.

The next morning (Saturday and the last day of the week),  Sandi French-Alvi came over for some X-Rated fun.

Wilde and Sandi: *really gross makeout sounds*

After Sandi was booted out of bed Wilde ran over to Waylan’s Haunt and invited River back to his place.  Zelda nearly distracted him.

River: OMG!  Zelda where is your body!

Zelda: I’ve reached nirvana and therefore have no need of a body any longer.

Once Wilde got her back to his hot tub it was playtime.

Wilde: Wanna wrestle?

River: Oh, I will be all over you!

Wilde: I hope so…

Next it was time to pay Tori (Kimura) Frio a visit.  Tori has been having a problem with finding her way home.  Smart Sim that she is, she’s been leaving a trail of babies to follow so she never gets lost.

In no time Tori had Wilde Wilde had Tori in the bedroom.

Tori: Are you ready to be dominated?

Wilde: Please be gentle…

And Emma hatch gave Wilde another girl.

Then it was off to the theater to meet up with Holly (Alto) Langerak.

Holly: Shall we play a game of the quill and the well again?

Monika Morris had another child.  She’s probable still walking like she’s about to give birth though.

The Wilde met Emma Hatch and Ayesha Ansari at the theater.  Emma tried to convince Wilde to take Brenda.  But you know Wilde stallions need to run free and all…
Emma: I’m done raising kids.  I have, like, k15 or somethin’ at home.  You can have this one.

Wilde: Look, a Wilde stallion can not be tamed.  I need to feel the wind in my hair.  I need to fly…wait…  No.

Ayesha: Stupid woman, shut up and get in the theater!

Speaking of the Hatch children.  As I was looking through the Family Tree I noticed this little gem:

I guess Glenn Hatch isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.  Must be hard to be the only teenager in Elementary School.

On his way over to Monika Morris’ house Blair Wainwright-Sekemoto gave Wilde another girl.

Monika is becoming more broken.  Wilde only has the option to woohoo with her, no try for baby options.  Could it be that she ran out of eggs?  Whatever is going on if she can’t give up another child she doesn’t get anymore of Wilde’s attention. Instead Wilde made his way to Blair’s house.

Their daughter Becky doesn’t look happy to be stuck watching the kids.

Yusun had another child:

And then all at once a bunch of Wilde’s children grew into Young Adults (alphabetical order) :

Bobbie McIrish, for some reason she reminds me of Claire Robinson from The Food Network.

Celia Landgraab

Edmond McIrish

Garland Mae

Manu Landgraab

Sandra Jolina

And that’s it for Week Six.  During this week there were 32 children born bringing the grand total to: 188.  Also, Wilde is now 0 days from becoming and elder.  This one was a little harder t write and take pictures of due to lag.  Sorry if the story isn’t as good this week.   I’ll delete my cache files and hopefully have great results.

Here is a look at the current family tree:


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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20 Responses to Week Six

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  2. Senny Paine says:

    Can we have Yusun to download?

  3. Dannielle says:

    Here are the beautiful sim children I’d like to download:
    Tamara French, Bobbie McIrish, and Sandra Jolina. The funniest part of your story is when the lady playing guitar said that she had reached nirvana and had no need of a body! 🙂

  4. Mira says:

    I just read your whole blog and its so funny!

  5. You’re blog is hilarious! I so understand the children being loud and all. I homeschool our youngest four, so my simming time is after school, which is when they are loud? How did you get Wilde to do the strut? His children are beautiful 🙂

  6. Yep, then I have two stepteens that are here every now and then 🙂 Ok, ty…my computer won’t handle EPs, so I had to sell Late Night 😦

  7. Amanda Dorn says:

    Okay, coupla things…..

     Darlene kinda reminds me of Tabatha Coffey from Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.
     When Wilde refuses to raise one of his children and says he wants to fly, it reminded me of that movie with Nicolas Cage where he wins the lotto and splits it with his waitress. His wife was played by Rosie Perez, and when she wants to leave him she said, “Tony, I need ton fly,” in her nasally voice. Remember? We used to quote that line endlessly.
     Your sexual euphemisms are beginning to reeeaaallllyyyy gross me out!

    Your sister

    • skehrer says:

      1. How do you get that with her? All I ever see is Pumba.
      2. Of course I remember that line. It was the inspiration for his Wilde Stallion quote.
      3. If you are starting to get grossed out, dear sister, then I will pat myself on the back for a job well done!
      4. Keep reading so I won’t be forced to hunt you down and duct tape you to your computer/ipad/phone. Remember I know where you live. Crap, I forgot you moved.

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  9. selahgio says:

    O_O Omg Sandra Jolina is soooo freaking pretty out of all the young adult children of Wilde’s.

  10. somebodysangel13 says:

    LMAO, this is just gold. I tried something similar when I first got Pets and there was a premade sim who had the Heartbreaker LTW. Though I regretted it later when all the kids turned out ugly. Always a good idea to have a decent looking man when you want to populate the town. May try it again, after reading yours, it’s too funny.

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