Week Four

Week four started as it always does on Sunday morning.  And with the birth of four more of Wilde’s children:

That morning Wilde invited Emma Hatch over for some morning lovin’.  (I failed to grab a picture.  Then off to the theater to have a double feature with Holly Alto and Blair Wainwright-Sekemoto.  Of course, Tamara Donno-Sw0rd followed him there so that double feature became a triple!

Wilde didn’t go home on Sunday night, instead he stayed over Victoria Andrews’.  Look at all those children on the floor; the woman doesn’t even have the decency to buy them beds!

Wilde and Mrs. Anderson did anything but sleep that night.

During the night Wilde became the father of another child:

The next morning (Monday) after leaving Victoria’s place Wilde invited Jamie (Jolina) Bunch over to his place.  She apparently got over the fact that Wilde wasn’t going to marry her and settled for the first thing that would, one of the Bunch Clan.

After she left I noticed the hot tub could really use some love.  No, not that kind of love!  It really looks disgusting! I don’t think Jamie’s taken a shower since she gave birth!

Wilde asked Madison (VanWatson) Bachelo and Morgana Wolff (who had just given birth) to meet him at the theater.  But when he got there all hell broke loose.

Babies were crying, women went into labor, women were angry with Wilde.  It was a hot mess!  It took forever, but eventually Wilde was able to coax the ladies into the theater (as the sun was setting).  Then Wilde went home and slept like a baby (unlike his cribless children).

Babies born on Monday:

On Tuesday Dorie Hart became an elder and no long of any use to Wilde.  He discarded her like a soiled disposable diaper.

Agnes Crumplebottom-Steel met Wilde at the theater nude!

Agnes: You joining me, big boy?

Wilde: Whoa, Agnes.  You should only do that in a dark room.  You’ve had a few children and things don’t look like they used to…

Wilde, he’s in touch with his sensitive side.

Then Wilde drove over to Tori Kimura’s place because she as “too busy” to meet him.  When Wilde got there he was the one keeping her busy.

While Wilde was keeping Tori busy I scanned town and noticed that Bella Bachelor was now a young adult.  AWSOME!!!  When Tori went to the bathroom Wilde threw his clothes on and ran out the door.

Wilde: *sings* Ohh Bella! (Look at that smug bastard.)

Bella: Oh God; do I even want to turn around?

Wilde chatted Bella up for a short time then he smoothly suggested that he might give her the VIP tour of the theater.  Bella flat out ran to there.  I guess that was a yes.  I wonder if her mother has told her stories about Uncle Wilde…

Bella left the theater feeling like a new woman!

Oh, Mortimer, don’t even bother.  Wilde already popped that cherry.

Moritmer: What’s that smell? *sniffing*

Bella: What?  I swear I showered.

Mortimer: *sniffing* It smells like skank.

More babies!!!!

Looking around town I noticed that the school is so filled with Wilde’s children that the rest of his children can’t get in.

Then we were notified of Lisa (Bunch) McGraw’s sister becoming a young adult.  Wilde rubbed his hands together and giggled with glee!

Hmm, she reminds me of Pumba for some reason.

While Darlene and Wilde were touring the theater.  Zelda Mae cause a Sim freak-out by going into labor.

Zelda: Calm down.  I’ve got like 25 more at home, this one should just fall out.

Kaylynn (Langerak) Landgraab: No, your out fit is just disgusting!  Did you get dressed in dark closet?

She was right, it did fall out.

Lisa Bunch and Ayesha Ansari also gave Wilde three more children:

Victoria Andrews and Illiana Langerak also became elders.

He made his way to Kaylynn (Langerak) Landgraab’s house.  She didn’t put out, her husband was home sleeping in the only double bed on the lot.  Jerk!

Kaylynn: No one likes a cry baby.  Until you can calm down you’re going to stay out here, mister!

Wilde: This town is full of kids.  Maybe it’s something in the water.

Probably the hot tub water…

So Wilde went home to the local dive bar and invited River Landgraab over.  They partied in a dirty hot tub like it was 1999!

Wilde: Yeah, there’s more where that came from.  I’ll see you in about four days.

Wilde became the father of three more children:

Wilde ushered River out the door and invited Bebe over.  She wasted no time showing Wilde her appreciation.

Bebe: Blub…blurb…

Wilde: I don’t know what you’re saying right now and I don’t care.

Then it was Sandi French’s turn (she just turned into a young adult).

Another son was born:

Wilde then spent a bunch of time with Lisa (Bunch) McGraw.

Wilde: So, see you again in four days?

Lisa: You betcha!

It was a busy night!  Next Zelda Mae came over.  I find it hard to look at her in this picture.  She is starting to look like Dwight Shrute to me.

And before the night was though Wilde became the father of yet another set ow twins:

Then having Childbirth ESP Wilde invited Blair Wainwright-Sekemoto over.  And he wore her out!

Bright and early Thursday morning Wilde blessed Ayesha Ansari with his baby juice.  O.o

Wilde: Could you go shut that kid up.  I’ll be in the bedroom.

Ayesha: I’ll put him outside with the others.

That morning Jamie (Jolina) Bunch gave him a daughter:

And Madison (VanWatson) Bachelor gave him twins:

After his work was done Wilde decided to try Kaylynn (Langerak) Landgraab again.  After all, her husband should be at work.  He made short work of seducing her.

Kaylynn: That was fast.

Wilde: Hey, I do what I do!

Then Wilde left her in front of the TV watching the Kids Channel and decide to use the bathroom.

Wilde: You sit tight, I feel some doodah knockin’.

Wilde went off to the bathroom to drop a D.

Not everyone appreciates Essence of Wilde, his son Tyler thought he was behaving rather rudely.

Then he decided to take a shower.  Kaylynn barged in and asked him to leave.  So, as a parting gift Wilde broke the shower.  No one asks Wilde to leave!

Wilde: You might want to have that checked.

Kaylynn: Ah migawd, you jes’,like, broke my shower! Ew, now I gotta call the repairman, and he is grrrr-rosss!

When you read Kaylynn’s dialogue think Shellsea from Fish Hooks (my daughter’s new favorite show).

Then Wilde had some Emma Hatch over at the theater.  Seriously, I would think twice about seeing a movie/concert there.  River Landgraab was also in there so in the wise words of those from Zombieland, Wilde decided to “tap twice.”

Emma: *thinking* That man is a work of art.  I hope I don’t get popcorn in my underpants again…

On his way home another child was born:

I am disappointed in Morgana, I was hoping for more twins or triplets. On his way home Wilde invited Morgana Wolff to join him.  Maybe this time we can get multiples again.

Wilde: I hope you’re not getting too comfortable.

Then I decided to have a look at Wilde’s family tree.  Uhhhhh…  What happened to Jereme Wolff? Somewhere between the hospital and the time Morgana spent with Wild she decided to change his name to Berjes???  Weird.

Friday morning Wilde was on his way over to Madison (VanWatson) Bachelor’s house when another child was born.

Then I noticed that Abdul was mysteriously renamed Cleveland.  So, I figured it was the new version of Twallan’s Story Progression Mod.  I exited the game and reinstalled Version 7.

Meanwhile Madison is being impaled by her window.

Wilde: Uh, Madison you have a window in your face.

Madison: Yeah, no big.  It’s no worse than childbirth.  You don’t feel it anymore after a while.

Wilde: Childbirth or the window?

Madison: Wait, what are we talking about again?  What does a window have to do with childbirth?

Whatever, Wilde did what he had to do anyway.  The man is a machine!

Wilde was all about making house calls on this fine Friday morning, Agnes Crumplebottom-Steel was next.  Oh his way there his CESP (Childbirth ESP) sense tingled telling him another woman was no longer pregnant.

It looks like Agnes may have a cold, something like that is bound to happen when you have that many kids.

Agnes: I doan wad to ged yoo sik.

Wilde: We don’t have to kiss.  Besides I have uber-antibodies, they seek and destroy.

Agnes: Uhkay.

And while Agnes and Wilde were doing the nasty in her husband’s bed Wilde became a father for the 104th time.

Jamie (Jolina) Bunch had been giving Wilde the cold shoulder since her last baby was born, Hillary Bunch (or as Wilde refers to her #98).  Wilde decided to drop by Jamie’s place unannounced.

Wilde: *thinking* Oh God, this place is crawling with them!

Sherri Jolina (holding baby): *thinking* Oh God, she’s going to have another one.

Jamie: *thinking* I hope he asks me to leave my husband/family for him.

And while Jamie and Wilde were headed off to the bedroom and the house filled with more of Wilde’s offspring another was given life:

After wowing Jamie Wilde drove over to the Bunch House.  I never noticed that Darlene is pigeon-toed!

As he was trying to seducing Darlene when Monika Morris gave birth to twins.

Darlene apparently wasn’t giving it up so Wilde ran next door to Monika Morris’ house.  He met Monika’s daughter Britney (not a child of Wilde’s).  Yup, your time will come little Brittney.

Uh oh, this doesn’t look good.

Brittney: What are you and my mom going to do?

Wilde: You might want to leave little girl.

Oh it’s terrible!  It’s TERRIBLE!!!  Another Sunset Valley child scarred for life!

Bed: *squeaking*

Brittney: I’m writing this all down so I can tell my psychologist about it.

At 1am Saturday morning another of Wilde’s spawn was born:

And another born at 4:30:

Wilde headed over to Pauline Wan’s house and decided to break her and Hank up for the 50-millionth time.

Hank: *gasp* Paul-leeeeen!

Pauline then asked Hank to leave.  It seems something came up.

Pauline: Hank, maybe you should go now.

Hank: Whatever, I’m going home.

And two more children scarred by Wilde and his antics, bringing the total to four.

Then Wilde was off to visit Blair Wainwright-Sekemoto.  And by this time (okay, before, LONG before) the strut became very irritating.

Wilde: Blair, I am here now.  You can undress.

And then another baby was born!

Blair: I don’t know Wilde.  I just had two babies and I am just so tired.

Wilde: Shh, shh, shhh…  I know….

Two more scarred and two more born.

Wilde decided to drop by the theater to see what was happening.  Tamara Donnor-Sw0rd, Justine Keaton and Tori Kimura all just happened to be there.  Wilde formed a group with the three ladies and they headed off to the theater, lucky them.

Wilde: *talking to himself* You are a stud.

Here’s a close up for your enjoyment.

While he and the ladies were enjoying themselves Lisa (Bunch) McGraw gave Wilde twins:

And Wilde disbanded the group and invited Darlene to join him at home.  Darlene has a serious case of the uglies.

After having his way with her Wilde asked her to leave and promptly called her sister Lisa over.  Just when Lisa got there his CESP tingled.

Lisa was very excited and hoped right in the bed when she came over.

Lisa: I left the baby on the porch.  But it’s alright, it’s not gonna rain or nothing.

Wilde: Less talk, more doing.

Wilde: It’s time for you to leave.

Lisa: Are we done already?

And by the end of week Four 46 children were born bringing the total to 115.  And I know you all want to know what his family tree looks like.  Here you go:

And that’s it.  Thanks for reading!  Week Five may be a bit delayed my daughter’s birthday is April 4 and my in-laws are flying in so I will be one busy mommy.  I will try to play when I can so I have some pictures at the ready.






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14 Responses to Week Four

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  2. OMG! Darlene DOES look like Pumbaa! That is NOT Hakuna Matata!
    115 already?! Wow… that’s a lot! xD Congrats!

  3. justdance983 says:

    115? Good job, Wilde! Soon enough it’s gonna be just his kids… that’s what habbened to me when I tried this challenge.
    My favorite part must’ve been when his son asked him to leave. 🙂

  4. Senny Paine says:

    WOW, Darlene got the BEAT DOWN with the fugly stick!!!
    And WOW, 115 is a looot!!! Do Bella again! She’s the love of my life…. >_>

    Since Sims1…. I’ve been infatuated with her.

    • skehrer says:

      Oh, have no fear; Bella’s new way of life will be a constant state of pregnancy. Darlene is indeed ugly. The Bunch and Grisby families will be moved to Twinbrook when I start my Uglacy.

  5. Sam says:

    I tried playing with the Sims3 but it’s not as good as the Sims2. How many # of kids is Wilde thinking of having? LOL


    • skehrer says:

      Not sure how many he will end up with, but I am going for as many as possible. There are only two females under Young Adult that are not related to Wilde, one is a teen about to become a young adult and the other is a child. So I think I may run out of eligible females before Wilde dies.

      Sorry to hear you are not enjoying The Sims 3. It’s hard to have so much like we did with the Sims 2 and then go to having less. I really do miss having seasons and memories very much.

  6. Amanda Dorn says:

    Okay, in the picture about 3/4 the way down, where Sherri Bunch is holding a baby, the sim all the way to the right looks like it could be Jenny’s sim self!

  7. Amanda Dorn says:

    Oh, and that one sim really, really looks like Dwight Shrute.

  8. cheggcurse says:

    115 children…WOW. XD

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