Week Three

Hey, I promised an update that never happened.  Sorry, we’ve had some internet problems.  Oh how I LOVE not having my internet access…

Late Saturday night/early Sunday morning Victoria Andrews confided in Wilde that her husband (can’t remember his name) just wasn’t enough for her anymore.  An understanding Wilde was all too willing to listen to her pour her heart out.

It wasn’t long before Wilde had her in the hot tub of LOOOOVE!  There is nothing like taking advantage of a desperate and lonely woman; so eager to please…

Wilde:  WHOA, hey, whoa!  Oh, okay.

It was around this time that I started to notice I was running out of eligible females.  So I sent Wilde over to the neighbor’s house to get friendly with Claire Ursine’s daughter (can’t remember her name either).  By the time she turns into a young adult she is going to rawring to go!

Wilde: When you get older you’ll have to come over and see my hot tub.

Girl Ursine:  Really!  That sounds like so much fun!!!

Wilde:  Yeah, you’re going to love it.

Afterward Nancy came over and she and Wilde had some fun.  Around this time four children were born:

The next day (Monday) Wilde invited Tamara Donnor-Sw0rd over.  She left Wilde’s baby with her husband, Cyclone.  So I totally had her name wrong last update when I called her Jocasta Bachelor.  Oops!

Tom: *deep baritone* Do I have to wear the paper bag again?

Wilde: Yes sir…ma’am.

So, Tamara left Wilde’s baby at home with her husband, but she brought Cyclone’s son (can’t remember his name) with her.  This child is going to be messed up!  They did things in front of him; things no child should witness.

Cyclone’s Son: Peek a boo, Mommy!

Wilde and Tamara: Blub… bbblub…

Wilde had to kick Tamara and her son out so he wouldn’t be late for his date with Ayesha at the theater.  He gave her a workout and she left feeling pumped.

Ayesha: YEAH!  I feel like I could lift this building!

Wilde: I wouldn’t do something like that while in your “condition.”

Jamie Jolina gave Wilde another son:

And Molly French finished her last pregnancy:

Wilde decided since he was at the theater he may as well convince the other ladies to join him: Jamie Jolina, Paulin Wan, Claire Ursine and Holly Alto.

Wilde invited Bebe Hart came over for a hot tub visit.  She wasn’t willing to put out.  I don’t know what she was expecting when she came over.  Relaxation?  I think not!

Bebe: I just had twins.  I just came over to chill…

Wilde: Oh, well you can do your chilling elsewhere.  This is the love tub and I intend to keep it that way.

Then he stole her clothes.  That’s what she get’s for free-loading.  Come over and chill, indeed!

Bebe: My clothes are gone!

Wilde: Hmm.  I wonder how that happened.

Bebe: Do you have a towel?

Wilde: Funny, I just threw all the towels in the wash.  I might have a washcloth you can use.

Bebe decided to stay a while (maybe her clothes would should show up).  One thing lead to another and they ended up in the bedroom and Bebe decide to spend the night.

Bebe: Somehow it feels wrong to have clothes on in here.

Wilde: Then let me help you feel right.

The next morning (Tuesday) after Bebe left, Wilde headed to his favorite stomping ground: the theater.  He met Zelda Mae there, but when Dorie Hart went into labor he had to go with plan B.

Zelda” OMGOMGOMGOMG!  She’s having a BAAAABBBYYYY!!!

Wilde called Morgana Wolff and they toured the theater together and more, much more…

Wilde: *thinking* I think I just had another child.

He did.  Dorie Hart and Emma Hatch just had babies:

After Morgana and Wilde were finished Zelda had calmed down enough to continue with her date.

Zelda: Can I pet your hair first?

Wilde: Lady, no one touches the hair!  Follow me.

Zelda went home pregnant and Wilde decided to bless Agnes Crumplebottom with his child.  And even though Agnes is married to Christopher Steele she still fell for the Wilde charm.

Agnes: We have to hurry this up.  You must leave before my husband and son get home.

Wilde: No problem.  Quick is my specialty.

It took four tries, but I finally heard the lullaby.  Wilde then went home and invited Madison Von Watson and Dorie Hart over.

During that time two more children were born.  Jocasta Bachelor and Vita Alto gave Wilde their last children:

Wednesday morning he ran over to the Bunch House.  He nearly vomited on Judy’s feet when she answered the door, but held it together.  He made short work of seducing Lisa.

Lisa: I’m hungry for your love.

Wilde: You will be hungry no more.

While Wilde was “working” Nancy Landgraab had twins:

Lisa: I’m still hungry.

Wilde: Girl, I just gave you a baby, what more could you want?

Wilde and Lisa decided to go downstairs and have a snack (Wilde was trying to find an excuse to leave) when the doorbell rang.

Lisa: *thinking* Someone’s at the door.

Wilde: *thinking* Someone’s at the door.

Lisa went to welcome the visitor.  Who should it be but Tamara Donnor-Sw0rd!!!  Tamara’s “thing” for Wilde was starting to get out of hand.  She was becoming a stalker.

Lisa: Hello.

Tom: *deep baritone* Shut up.  Is he here?  Answer me dammit!

Wilde could see from the kitchen window and nearly dropped a brick.  He decided it was time for him to leave and went for the back door.

When he got outside he was shocked to find there was no way out of the gate!  He had to go back inside and wait behind the stairs until he could make his escape.

When Tom Tamara went into the dining area Wilde made his escape.

Wilde went straight to Illiana Langerak’s place.  He met her teenage daughter Kaylynn at the door as she was going to school.

Kaylynn: Later.

Wilde: No, you need to become a young adult first.  But I’ll be waiting.

Kaylynn: What?  Freak.

Inside Illiana jumped Wilde.

Wilde: Hey, nice to meet you too.

Illiana: Hurry, upstairs.  I can’t wait any longer.

It looks as though Wilde’s services are spreading among the women of the town.  Illiana and Wilde didn’t even have the decency to wait until her husband wasn’t around.

Dustin Langerak: Illiana NOOOOOOO! Don’t do this to our family.

Illiana: Oh, grow a pair, Dustin!

Wilde rocked her world like her husband wasn’t home.

Bed: *squeaking*

During Illiana’s adultery Victoria Andrews gave birth to a son:

Wilde then met Blair Wainright-Sekemoto at the theater.  Unfortunately Tom Tamara showed up.

Tom: *deep baritone* He’s mine!

Tom: *deep baritone* Hey everyone, I’m having Wilde’s baby.

Claire Ursine: Yeah, yeah, so am I.  Why don’t you make like a tree and leave.

After Wilde and Blair got down in the theater.  Wilde went to Emma Hatch’s place.  Before Wilde could get her into the sack Emma propositioned him.

Wilde gave her the whole this wild stallion needs to feel the wind in his hair speech.  Emma fell for it and they got it ON!

Vita Alto and Molly French both turned elder on Wednesday.

Bright and early Thursday morning Tom had a baby:

And he broke Lisa Bunch’s heart.

Lisa: I can’t believe this, the woohoo was so good.

Wilde: This wild stallions needs to feel the air…

With that nasty deed taken care of Wilde invited Tamara Donnor-Sw0rd to tour City Hall (He heard there was a roomy coat closet).  Victoria Andrews happened to be in there, he hit that too.

Wilde: Why’d you bring that with you?

Scanning the town I saw this strange mutation.  That is Holly Alto holding one of her siblings.  Look at that hair!  Maybe this child was born after Vita turned elder?  Is that possible?

Jamie Jolina had twins:

Wilde invited Jamie Jolina over (she’s always willing).  After she got there Wilde had his birthday.

Jamie was thrilled to be sleeping with an older man.

Jamie: Who had a good time in the hot tub with Wilde?  We did, didn’t we?

Meanwhile next door Madison Von Watson ran outside to vomit while Karrie Wan watched.

Madison: Huuuuuuuuurrrrrrlllllll.

Karrie: Maybe you should go home.

Other children that were born on Thursday which I forgot to mention:

Friday morning Wilde decided to kill two birds with one stone.  He invited both Bebe Hart and Ayesha Ansari to the theater.  The girls were ecstatic.

Wilde: Ladies, ladies.  There is enough for both of you.

Bebe had just had a daughter and was all too willing to get knocked up again.

Morgana Wolff gave Wilde triplets, TRIPLETS!!!

After he was done with the double showing he called Morgana and had her meet him at the theater.  We can’t afford to waste that uterus!  River Landgraab also joined them, she and Wilde had an awesome time.

Wilde: WOOOOO!

River: WOOOOO!

Claire Ursine became an elder and more children were born:

Also I thought I would show a screen capture of Wilde’s moodlets at 9pm Friday night.

When he got home that night he threw a twin party and invited all the pregnant ladies.  Agnes was there too.  She wasn’t pregnant when she arrived, but she was when she left.

Dorie Hart and Madison Van Watson went into labor during the party.  There was a lot of booing and cheering.

Obviously they had their babies:

Saturday and the final day of the week.  Pauline came over.

Wilde: ready to get down?

Four children were born:

Then he broke Emma Hatch’s heart.  He tried to let her down gently.

Wilde: You eat too much.  We’re over!

Wilde then went to City Hall and had his way with Kaylynn Langerak, Zelda Mae, Lisa Bunch, Holly Alto and Ayesha Ansari.

It was a busy day.

That’s it for week three.  Wilde had 36 children this week bringing his total to 69.


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14 Responses to Week Three

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  2. Amanda says:

    Can I just say how gross it is that he is grooming young children to be his future baby mommas? Yuck, but funny.

  3. Sam says:

    How do you get the pictures so nice?

    • skehrer says:

      I use the tab button and camera mode buttons to position. Q moves down, W moves forward, E moves up, A moves left, S moves backward, D moves right, Z zooms in and X zooms out. There are more which angle your screenshot but I can’t remember them because I never use them.

  4. Justdance983 says:

    Ahahaha. I love it all! 😀

  5. missmiserie says:

    This is too hilarious! 69 children (there’s a dirty joke in here somewhere…)?! I couldn’t even fathom the idea of that many kids .__O

    • skehrer says:

      LOL! Never even thought of that! Good catch. I need to take a screenshot of my town. Thanks to Twallan’s mod I have color coded people icons, anyway just about the whole thing is cyan which is the color for relatives. And the school! It’s a huge blob of cyan! When I move over the school my game will lag up, it’s pretty funny. My game still hasn’t killed off any of my children though.

  6. DJBoobot says:

    Haahhah! I just read week 4 and this is all hilarious! You have inspired me to try this! Wilde is sort’ve a jerk, and full of himself! I think you will far beyond 200 babies!!!!!! Just keep hitting them up! LOL!

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  8. Wait… If Wilde has a child with Claire’s female child he was hugging, wouldn’t Ahmad and Sasha be the uncle and aunt of his future child with Claire’s oldest daughter AND also be the half-sibling of the future kid? Tsk tsk, Sims sure do like to inbreed.

    (Two Years Later, I know)

  9. Lala says:

    I just came across this, which is why this is several years late, but the Alto child could have Nick’s hair (which has grey tips).

    This story is hilarious!

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