Week Two

Last time we started to get to know a Sim named Wilde Oates and his most important mission to populate Sunset Valley with all of his children.  BWAHAHAHA!  *cough* Moving on.

Wilde got home from the theater early Sunday morning and enjoyed a cool night breeze on his…man-berries er…umm…you know…

Wilde: Aaahhhh, refreshing.

A quick shower and a nap (a full eight hours) and he was rawring to go again.  He called the no longer pregnant Jamie Jolina.  Always willing to please Jamie came over in too little clothing and too much makeup.  Once they were finished and Wilde asked her go he phone another of his “regulars.”

Nancy Landgraab was all too willing to come over.  When Wilde met her at the door he asked her to go steady.    Of course this meant Nancy had to divorce her husband, but that wouldn’t be a problem, her husband and son weren’t speaking to her anyway. She spent that night with Wilde.

To celebrate, the next morning, Wilde decided to make a nice breakfast (no not fertilized eggs), waffles.  He went to the deck to let Nancy know they were ready and caught her peeing in the hot tub.

Nancy:  Uhhh uhhh…  You may not want to for in there for a while.  A-Actually, you might want to drain it.

Wilde: You pee’d in the hot tub?  Who does that?

Who does that indeed.  Some pretty dirty stuff has happened in that hot tub, but peeing in it is not one of them.

Nancy: Look, ah, could you move.  I really need to get to the toilet.

Wilde: You mean you’re not done yet?

Nancy ran to the bathroom and vomited all over the toilet.

Nancy: Ahhhh.  I feel much better now.

Wilde: Aww DANG!

Maid: I can’t believe this sh–.

Pee in the hot tub and now puke all over his throne!  That was it, Wilde couldn’t take it anymore.

Wilde: Girl, you are NASTY!  I know you just left your husband and everything, but I can not do this anymore. You have got to go.

Maid: AMEN!

Nancy: I’m so ashamed.  I thought I could just let go and be myself with you.

Wilde: No.  No.  Never do that.  No.

To console himself a brokenhearted Wilde invited Pauline Wan over.  She just had another set of twins and was ready for another donation.

That’s one smug looking fellow.  I certainly hope he cleaned that hot tub.

While Pauline and Wilde were stewing in pee soup Molly French made Wilde a father for the (insert number here) time.

After Pauline was sufficiently woohooed and Wilde told her to go home to her children he called Molly.  She came running over so fast she was panting when she reached the door.  The smooth operator that Wilde is he swept her off her feet and into the hot tub.  Where passion ensued.

At some point during their encounter one or both of the suggested they commit to each other, the other agreed.  But it seems they each have different definitions of the word “commit.”  Wilde of course thinks it means nothing at all and Molly thinks it means marriage.

Poor Wilde, he had no choice but to break Molly’s Wilde-Obsessed heart.

Molly: B-B-But Wilde, I love and you, and we have two children together.

Wilde: Yeah, yeah, I love you too, babe.  But The Wilde Stallion needs to run free.  He can’t be tamed.  He needs to feel other womens hands in his hair THE WIND!  He needs to feel the wind in his hair.

Molly: Buhbuhbuhbuh…BUHBUHBUHBUH…

Wilde: What?  Look your face is getting red and puffy.  Maybe you should go home and calm down a bit.  Take a few days, maybe say three and we can woohoo talk again.

Molly: Buhbuhbuhbuh…BUHBUHBUHBUH…

Wilde: Yeah, I know.  You know where the door is.  I gotta be somewhere.

And after dismissing her Wilde took the next three hours to primp in the bathroom before heading to bed for the night.  Beauty sleep, even Wilde needs it.

That night:

Early the next morning Wilde went to the theater to have himself some females fun.

He, Emma Hatch, Dorie Hart and Bebe Hart entered the theater as a fab four and left as more!  At least one of the ladies left pregnant.

Wilde continued to loiter around the theater until he was able to sneak in and have his way with Jamie Jolina, Fiona McIrish and Ayesha Ansari.

Jamie had just given birth to another child: Karl Jolina (I forgot to grab a screenshot).

While the ladies and Wilde were getting down Wilde was blessed with more children.

Outside the theater Wilde asked Jamie Jolina to “be with him” silly girl thought he wanted her to move in.  Wilde the commitment-phobe that he is dashed her hopes and broke her heart.

Jamie: *whispers* But what about our children?

But it was too late, Wilde was already in his car on his way home.

The next day two more children were born:

And on this day Wilde tried to woohoo Judy Bunch and failed.  While he was there she turned elder!  No pictures, I was afraid the ugly would break my camera. (okay, I failed to get pictures the entire Wednesday.)  Wilde WASTED an entire day trying to get into Judy’s pants.  Disappointment.  After a quick stop in and out of the theater and Zelda Mae, Wilde went home.  But that night he invited Nancy over for a “nightcap” and rocked her world.  He kept her out of the hot tub though.

On Thursday Claire Ursine fell to Wilde’s advances.  There may have been more, but I forgot to write them down.  I hadn’t yet had a working system to keep track of who had been woohooed, who was pregnant and when babies were born.

There was only one baby born on Thursday:

All of these singletons are being born.  I think I should probably have another twins party.

On Friday Wilde decided to kill some time in the local park.  Usually he stays away from the park with it being filled with children and all.  But he figured a school day during school hours would be alright.

Blair Wainright was not having anything to do with Wilde.  She must know he’s a playboy some how…  Quick look!  That pregnant woman in the background, That’s Ayesha Ansari and this picture was clearly taken before she had Elbert.  Oops!  That old woman in the foreground is suffering from a case of The Duck Lips (previously mentioned in the Food Family Legacy).

Wilde:  You are HAWT!  I hope you don’t mind my saying that you and I would make beautiful babies.  Why don’t you and I-

Blair: So not happening.

Wilde: Huh.  So that’s what rejection feels like.

Not long after Blair turned into an elder.  I’ll bet Wilde wouldn’t give her the time of day now.  After being rejected Wilde turned around to survey his options and who should he see?  Lourdes Benavidez.

Wilde: Do your feet hurt?  Because you have been running through my mind all day.

Lourdes: OMG!  That must be why my heart is racing.  I was thinking I needed to see a doctor or something.

Wilde: You are.  Dr. Love, at your service.

He then took her back to his place for a personal and private examination.

Later that day Wilde invited Molly French over.  She practically broke her ankle running over to his place.

Behold the power of multiples:

Fiona also gave birth:

On Saturday Wilde had a double date with Emma Hatch and Vita “The Dragon” Alto; they went to the theater.

Molly French was a little upset to see Wilde talking to Vita.  Wilde could care less.

Meanwhile Nancy Landgraab  and Zelda Mae were busy:

Zelda gave birth to twins named Arturo and Sharla Mae.

Wilde left the theater with Jocasta Bachelor.  Is it just me or is Jocasta a really ugly man woman?

Joe: *deep baritone* You don’t need to turn the light out.

Wilde: Yes, yes I do.

That’s it for the second week.  At the end of week two Wilde had a grand total of 33 children.  I’ll try to get a page with a list of names.

As always thanks for reading and happy simming!


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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16 Responses to Week Two

  1. justdance983 says:

    Wow, 33? Impressive. 🙂

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  4. Amy6 says:

    That is a lot of kids! Thanks goodness he never has to take care of them!

  5. Lauren says:

    This and the Food Family bring me so much laughter! I love this so much.

    Joe: *deep baritone* You don’t need to turn the light out.

    I shrieked so loud at this and cracked up. Keep up the awesome work!

    • skehrer says:

      Great! I’m so glad you are enjoying it. I’m hoping to have the Food’s back up and running after my sister in-law visits for my daughter’s birthday. It’s still a few weeks away yet.

  6. Amanda says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  7. uggles says:

    Rofl.. 33 already, the twin party is too funny! Can’t wait to see what the grand total of children turns out to be haha

  8. Lotus says:

    I just found your blog and read everything like a mad man. it’s SO funny I died. Really love it! ❤

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